Congratulations to Tim Wilson – Winner of the RapidFire Contest

So as the title of this post says, Congratulations to Tim Wilson! Tim, won the voucher for the RapidFire market research solution contest that was posted here on the Carbonview blog as well as on the MeasureMob blog. For those of you reading for the first time RapidFire is a fast, affordable and same day market research solution. Read more on RapidFire.

We are very lucky to have Tim as our winner. He is a leader in the data and web analytics space. His blog, Gilligan on Data is a must read!

Screen Shot 2012 06 04 at 4.19.48 PMTim’s blog comment sparked some nice discussion,

I’m intrigued by RapidFire. Web analytics = near real-time behavioral data. Site surveys = attitudinal data. But, both are limited to people who are already coming to your site. We often find ourselves advocating for Omnibus surveys to ask just a couple of questions of the general population (targeted). Those are relatively inexpensive and have been enormously valuable when we’ve done them….but we don’t do them often enough! I’d love to give RapidFire a shot to see if it’s fast-and-low-cost to the point that it truly becomes a no-brainer tool in our insights toolkit.”

– Tim Wilson

KBMy response to Tim,

Tim, You’re right on the mark there. What we did with RapidFire is address the underlying issues of budget and the ability to target a specific demographic within the general population. Omnibus surveys get sen’t out to a general population and respondents are filtered out as people fill out the survey. So an example might be males 18-24 that own a dog. In the Omnibus scenario there is only going to be a very limited number of respondents who fit that criteria and you are potentially at risk of not getting statistically significant data. With RapidFire the only people taking your survey will be males 18-24 that own a dog. On top that the survey will complete in a day and more affordable. I don’t want this at all to sound like a pitch but the whole point of developing this product was to address the needs you speak of. Adding the “attitudinal” data as you say to the web metrics is going to help paint a better picture for your client when delivering insights.”

– Keith Burtis

Tim brings up some great points and again we congratulate him on the win! 

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