Creative Uses of Data in Ad Campaigns

Creative dataThe New York Times reports that adults spend more than 8 hours a day on average in front of a screen. Heck, with my job I make that look like child’s play. However, most people are not like me working, writing and creating. Most folks are spending that time in front of a tube in lay back position watching reality TV and YouTube videos of cats, right? ……right.

Four out of Five Doctors Recommend……..

As we sit, planted in front of the tubes, sorry, digital screens we tend to come across marketing messages. Yes, even YouTube is plopping ads in front of the content we desire to get at. You’ve heard the “Four out of Five Doctors recommend _____” use of statistical research data in advertising and most likely by the end of a :30 second spot could not recall the brand in the advert. Here at Carbonview, as Market Researchers and analysts we are often at times on the front lines helping agencies and brands alike find that one nugget of gold, that ellusive insight to fuel a campaign. Good data and solid insights are very often times the seed that stimulates the growth of a relevant and compelling campaign. 

Compelling Data in Ad Campaigns

Over the past few years I’ve seen some pretty compelling uses of data in ad campaigns that I have been making mental notes of. Today, I saw a tweet by my friend Rudi Shumpert and it inspired me to share not only the great use he found but also to share a couple that have struck me as creative and compelling. Enjoy. 

Hellmans Recipe Reciept


Sprint – Stats

Feel free to share your creative uses of data in advertising and I’ll put them in a future post.

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