Research in Creative Podcast with Peter Gerritsen of TAAN

On todays Research in Creative Podcast we talk to Peter Gerritsen of TAAN (Transworld Advertising Agency Network). Peter was grtacious in sharing his knowledge of the ad agency space, agency research, the changing times and shares his passion for TAAN! This is a no miss podcast and we hope you enjoy it!

Research in Creative Show Notes

1:00 – Peter gives us an summary of TAAN and shares a bit of his passion for the culture of the network.

6:00– Peter discusses commingling expertise to provide client centric solutions.

7:00 – TAAN creates a web of ad agencies based on location and expertise.

10:00– How are agencies dealing with the rapid technology changes and shifting disciplines?

11:00 – Are agencies being flexible enough and asking the right questions to optimize solutions? 

17:00– Blending data and humanintelligence to make decisions.

19:00 – Peter talks about tradition along with new emerging methodologies. 

25:00 – Big noisy social networks or intimate high value networks? Conversation vs. Broadcast.

29:00 – TAAN members feel comfortable sharing and collaborating in a private network of friends.

Thanks again for listening. Feel free to provide any comments or feedback. If you’d like to be on the show or conrtibute feel free to drop us a line. 


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