Qual vs. Quant…….Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

There have been a lot of blogs, posts and chatter recently about choosing the best research methodology, whether for healthcare, consumer research or B2B projects. Sure you can begin with small focus groups or IDIs to discover, test and refine your research hypothesis or concepts. Once refined you can then proceed with quantitative validations and further zero in on your ultimate research objective. In an ideal world this makes sense and can be an effective holistic research path. Unfortunately, market research rarely resides in an ideal world – far from it! Timelines are daunting; research budgets can be difficult to pass, all while expectations keep getting loftier and the needs for insights greater. 

The Research Dilemma – We get it!

Since we typically don’t all have the luxury to execute extensive qualitative work, backed up by a large quantitative research study, we settle for one or the other. Or we sacrifice the number of interviews we can do or other pieces of the research. Sometimes, regrettably, we decide to do neither methodology and just “wing it”. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are now ways to have your cake and eat it too! Carbonview has spent many years in this industry listening to you the researchers, planners, strategists and brand mangers and we have created solutions to match. Using available technologies it is possible to combine both the insights attained from qualitative studies with the speed and efficiency of quantitative research.

You’ve Asked for the ‘Why’ in Your Quantitative Research

As researchers you’ve told us that you are always looking for the ‘Why’ in the quantitative data sets. That at times your gut is telling you one thing while the data states a different reality. This is where qualitative research tecniques are needed to help answer the ‘Why’.

Introducing RapidFire Plus!

Imagine the ability to gather quantitative feedback from 150 respondents while at the same time engaging in a qualitative conversation with 30 of those same participants? Imagine being able to conduct this research within 2-3 days depending on respondent needs! Even better, envision being able to do this all from the convenience of your own computer. No long flights, no overnights at hotels, no traveling to central locations.

RapidFire Carbonview Research is introducing RapidFire+. A derivative to our highly succesful RapidFire product we have now added qualitative capabilities right out of the box. This product has the capability to allow you to talk live with qualified respondents that are in your own survey.

You Wanted Qualitative and Still Need it Fast

The RapidFire+ tool is fast, affordable and effective. Respondents come to you ready to chat on whatever in-depth topic you want to probe within your survey. Ask them why they answered a key question the way they did or what they didn’t like about the stimulis they saw. Or, push out additional concepts for them to review and engage in a one-on-one dialogue while they are reviewing it. Then marry this feedback with the quantitative results for a powerful insights!

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