Marketing Research

As a marketing insights professional you are constantly making complex decisions against a timeline. With the business landscape ever evolving, research budgets shrinking and the need to compete in a global marketplace your research must adapt. Carbonview understands the unique needs of marketing departments and agency planning groups. Our goal is to help  you make better and more informed decisions faster without comprimising quality.

Creating a Link to Your Customers and Potential New Markets

Marketing research is the art of listening and connecting to customers and markets for the purposes of serving unmet needs and understanding what drives purchase decisions. With the speed of technology and the shifting attention of the consumer it is critical that you get not only the insights you need but that you get them quickly and at a cost that makes sense. Carbonview Research works with companies like Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile, Keureg,  Publicis and more to provide primary research that allows them a more agile decision making process.

Our Approach

No single market is the same and therefore your research should never be approached with a  cookie cutter template.

  1. Definition of objectives –   Our consultants will take the time to intimately understand your business and objectives. We will provide recommendations on questionnaire design and help to ensure sound research methodology.
  2. Primary Research programming, development & design – Creation of your survey folding the right amount of technology and engagement tools to get the optimal output.
  3. Data Delivery, Reporting and Insights – Our research staff will deliver the data necessary for you to make more informed business and marketing decisions.

Carbonview truly plugs in across the market research continuum

  • If you have an existing data collection department or have stored data that needs analysis Carbonview’s research team can help you tease out valuable insights.
  • If you have an existing research team but need help programming and designing your survey our operations and technical teams can assist you in getting your survey into field quickly!
Contact us to learn more about our business, marketing and planning research solutions.  We’re faster and more affordable than the competition!