Custom Concept Testing

Our approach to to concept and stimulus testing is simple. Create a customized market research solution that matches your objectives and optimizes respondent engagement. We do this by deploying leading edge technologies that are balanced by sound market research principals.

If you can dream it we can test it!

Testing concepts and stimulus has a nearly endless scope and is only limited by your imagination. However here are a list of commonly tested stimulus:

  • Ad copy
  • Tag lines and messaging
  • Calls to action
  • Ad placement optimization
  • Product prototypes
  • Pricing
  • Signage
  • Logo’s
  • Packaging – for design and usability
  • Consumer reaction to color and theme

Web Based Concept Testing

In the award winning report titled, The Predictive Power of Internet-Based Product Concept Testingby Ely Dahan (Assistant Professor of Management Science in the Marketing group of MIT’s Sloan) and V. Srinivasan (Ernest C. Arbuckle Professor of Marketing and Management Science at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University) the researchers concluded that virtual prototypes on the Web provide nearly the same results as physical prototypes.

These findings offer your research department, strategy professionals and marketing departments the ability to test ideas and concepts before incurring the expenses and costs of manufacturing full blown product prototypes, a significant cost savings.

Carbonview Research can offer you the ability to present the needed stimulus and concepts through online channels using superior technology. Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies can also be blended using standard surveys along side of such tools as live chat, webcam interviewing and virtual moderators.

 Choice Based Modeling

Often referred to as a CBC or Choice Based Conjoint, this methodology offers the respondent the ability to express preferences by choosing from sets of concepts, rather than by rating or ranking them. This is advantageous because it better represents the human decision making process and can be tested against multiple stimuli just as one would in real life scenarios.  Choice based modeling is particularly strong when researching price vs. demand and how the relationships differ from brand to brand.  Carbonview deploys this type of conjoint analysis when you, the researcher, need insights from a group rather than from a single stimulus.

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