Customized Market Research Solutions

Our goal at Carbonview Research is to provide full service solutions in the timeframe and budget you need. At Carbonview we manage all of our solutions in-house from custom technology development through to research, reporting and insights.

Questionnaire Development and Design – Your Goals are Our Goals

Our goal is to intimately understand your research goals and business needs. Let us help you:

  • Identify optimal methods, approach and research goals
  • Properly structure and sequence your survey questions
  • Design and develop a format to lead you to  statistically significant results.

Our experienced design and development consultants will help you create a properly structured survey  resulting in questions that are  answered appropriately and that meet the needs to optimize insights.

Superior Programming for Online Research

As our solutions show, we feel that an online interview should not be limited to a collection of logically based entry forms to get the answers you need. We view our survey platform as an enabling agent to our total solution. If you can think of it, we can make it happen. Our examples are the tip of the iceberg, please, challenge us – whether it’s a new generation respondent engagement style or an advanced statistical approach behind the scenes – we would love to create or assist in your vision.

State-of-the-Art In-Field Reporting

The answers to your questions should be clear, concise and easily attainable. Our philosophy is that you should not be the detective in finding those answers, our consultative approach allows you and your staff to cut the noise of the detail or to allow the detail to be at your fingertips. What is your perfect in-field reporting solution? We would love to hear about it.

Project Management

 We first listen to your needs and understand how you would like to interact with us.  Whether you want to be completely hands-off or become part of the team as your project is designed.  The assignment of the right project manager is a key component to the success of a market research project.  Our team of highly skilled project managers can help satisfy your success criteria and most importantly ensure your project will come in on time and on budget.