Custom Research Technology

Carbonview Research has built its reputation in the industry on its ability to scale and manage very complex survey programming projects. We thrive on the big and ugly that most firms shy away from, provide competitive pricing and turn projects over quickly!

Confirmit Programming

Carbonview programs its surveys in the industry-leading Confirmit software package. We have our own installation of Confirmit, so we use Confirmit as the base of all of our surveys, and have the ability to layer on top of it to create a truly unique survey experience. We are well versed in all of the latest online survey engagement practices, as well as real-time respondent de-duping and data quality protection. We also have the ability to design, collect and analyze conjoint questions, among many other data collection practices.

All of Carbonview’s programmers are US-based, and no management or operations activities are outsourced. We have the ability to create project solutions that most companies cannot achieve.  This is the reason some of the largest worldwide market research companies partner with Carbonview for help to fill gaps in their solutions.

Data Delivery & Reporting

Carbonview Research employs several data delivery and analytical packages, including real-time online toplines, crosstabs and charts. Data can be exported from the online tools, or can be automatically delivered to an email address or be made available for archival download at any time.

At Carbonview Research, we pride ourselves on providing creative technical consulting and solving your technical problems.

Survey Engagement Tools

Carbonview Research will blend the optimal use of technology and optimize engagement in your surveys through the use of respondent engagement tools. Our library includes hundreds of tools to fit your needs. Here are just a few of our popular in-house solutions.

Page Flip
Create a more immersive testing experience with your printed materials
We can convert any print media you have to be integrated into the survey. The following example shows how we can display a menu and record the items on that menu along with seamlessly measuring interaction.

See Page Flip Demo

Card Sort
Respondents quickly and easily sort products by preference or category. Can be used to simulate virtual store shelves to better understand consumer preference.

See Card Sort Demo

Image Zoning
Ask respondents to identify areas of images that appeal to them and those areas that do not.

See Image Zoning Demo

Dial Test
Get real time audience and respondent reaction to video stimulus.

See Dial test Demo