Customer Preference Research – Discrete Choice Modeling

Carbonview Research has developed a process to deliver you full-service Conjoint & MaxDiff based insights that are simply faster and more affordable than the competition. Learn more here about our customer preference research solutions and make better business decisions faster!

Make more informed business and product design decisions faster.


  • Understand how your target consumers develop preferences for products and services.
  • Better understand which attribute or bundle of attributes adds the highest level of perceived value.
  • Compare multiple product concepts and better understand preference, packaging, pricing and offers.
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Determine preferences across a number of factors including marketing slogans, copy, logos, and more to optimize audience appeal and brand recall.


  • Develop an informed marketing strategy based on consumer preferences
  • Create priorities based on what the market values most
  • Reduce respondent fatigue and generate higher quality insights
  • Quickly eliminate low impact concepts
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