Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

In no time in history has customer satisfaction and loyalty been more important. In fact there may be no more important or impactful metric on the current and future health of your business. With the advent of the web and new social media tools, customers are empowered to reach out to their networks and either praise or critique the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. This makes it imperative to have current and constant understanding of the opinions and feelings of your current and potential customer base.

The insights developed from customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys can be folded back into product design, advertising and customer service. Carbonview has over a decade designing customized research solutions to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our operations process allows for data and insights to be delivered quickly for fixed ad hoc data as well as ongoing tracking type research.

Measurement Factors in Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is viewed as the strength of the relationship between an individual’s relative attitude and repeated patronage through the purchase of goods and services.   Customers will, in many cases several times a day, make decisions about where to spend their time and money. While many companies simply look at repeat purchases to measure customer loyalty at Carbonview we look at additional factors to drive deeper  and more actionable insights including:

  • Likelihood to recommend
  • Share of Wallet
  • How current benefits translate to customer loyalty and retention
  • Likelihood to continue purchasing your products and at what frequency or level
  • Likelihood of purchasing other products and services you offer
  • Attitudes and beliefs that your product or service is superior in the marketplace
  • Whether that individual is seeking alternatives to your product or service offering
  • Expected performance improvement resulting from program changes

Our goal within this research is to develop insights that empower your organization to make better and more informed decisions about the future marketing and development of your products. This may include taking corrective measures to improve and innovate in the marketplace keeping you not only relevant but in a position of growth. Contact us today and learn more about Carbonview’s customized research approach.