Insight Solutions

As a boutique full-service market research firm, we believe that quality research should inform decision makers with fresh perspective and grounded learnings. Powered by our innovative technologies, we work closely with clients to bring simplicity and ease to all phases of both qualitative and quantitative engagements:

Research Planning & Design
By collaborating closely with you, we will help clarify your research objectives and design a strategic research plan. Key questions and considerations will include:

  • Who is the target audience? What is the anticipated incidence vs. the general population?
  • How will we source the most appropriate sample?
  • Is qualitative, quantitative or multi-phased / mixed methodologies most appropriate?
  • What type(s) of advanced analytics are required (if any)?
  • How should the questionnaire be structured? What advanced logic and skip patterns will be necessary?
  • How many respondents will be necessary will be necessary for each segment / cell?
  • Which interactive tools would be most effective?
  • What are your reporting requirements and preferences?

Programming & Technology Services
Carbonview Research has built its reputation on its ability to scale and manage very complex survey programming projects. We thrive on the custom, complicated projects that many firms shy away from – while also providing competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times. Our highly trained, US-based programmers have the ability to design, collect and analyze complex logic patterns, including large-scale customer segmentations and discreet choice methodologies such as conjoint and MaxDiff. We program surveys using the industry-leading Confirmit software platform. Because we have our own installation of Confirmit, we can use it as the base of all our surveys, while also layering cutting-edge interactive tools on top of it to create a truly unique survey experience:

  • Concept Highlighting
  • Image Zoning
  • Sorting Tools
  • Integrated Video and/or Chat Capabilities

Sampling & Fielding
Today’s market research environment demands expertise in all facets of your project, including ensuring the highest caliber of research participants.

Carbonview has created an extensive network of sample partners, providing access to over four million unique respondents. This breadth of access enables our clients to tap into almost any segment of the population.

All sample partners have been pre-screened and qualified based on the following criteria:

  • Adherence to the ESOMAR 26, which lays specific guidelines for online panel recruitment and administration ( )
  • Quality of research data collected for projects (i.e. elimination of “speeders”, “pattern responders”, professional panelists, etc).
  • Consistent  demonstration of top-notch client service and project management
  • Willingness to participate in ‘sample blending’ with other sample partners.
  • Willingness to work with Carbonview at a partnership level regarding all aspects of the relationship
  • Customized adherence to Carbonview’s additional sampling quality standards
  • Committed partnerships at the financial level
  • Integrated operational focus

Carbonview has developed a proprietary methodology to enhance participant recruiting and ensure sampling diversity. We have a unique ability to blend together multiple online research panels as well as broad based community sites (both domestically and internationally).

Quality Assurance
In order to ensure respondent quality, Carbonview has developed and/or implemented several industry-leading technologies to ensure data quality:

  • Pattern response checking
  • Length of interview thresholds
  • Technical fingerprinting
  • Respondent de-duping
  • Integration of RelevantID which supports our “Gatekeeper” technology to effectively blend sample as well as control/manage long term-tracking studies, in-home usage tests, etc.

Reporting and Dashboards
Charts usually don’t tell the whole story and PowerPoint slides rarely inspire change. We get this.
But, we also understand that sometimes timelines are fast and furious and clients need data… yesterday.
As a result, we take the same hand-tailored approach to reporting and data delivery that we use when crafting a research plan. We work with clients to understand how they plan to use / present the data and the timeline on which they need it. Together, we determine a reporting deliverable that meets these objectives.
Sometimes, it’s an online dashboard where clients can watch the data as it comes in in real-time or create crosstabs on the fly. Other times it’s data tables and a set of summary slides of key findings.
For larger projects, we often collaborate with clients to co-develop a detailed report that gets to the heart of the matter. We’ll talk together about what we see in the data and we’ll synthesize the key themes and narratives. Finally, we’ll turn this into a presentation that tells the story of the data in a way that resonates using traditional charts, infographics, video and image.

Strategic Analysis and Consulting
High quality market research must provide clarity and support action. It must enable teams to make critical decisions with confidence in the midst of a rapidly changing business landscape.