Financial Services & New Business Investment Research

As a Venture capital firm, investment researcher, angel investor or independent investment professional you require a market research firm with a proven track record in this area. Carbonview Research will help you better understand market size, the competitive landscape, potential for growth and the inherent market trends.  Entering into a business venture of any kind without accurate and complete data would be like flying a 747 in the clouds without instrumentation.

New Business Investment including Venture capital and independent investment presents a unique set of problems. Business problems addressed through research include:

  • Understanding the relationships between risk and return.
  • Understanding market size and growth
  • Validation of concepts and strategy
  • Understand market segmentation
  • Attrition and retention
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Growth opportunities and market gaps

Our experienced researchers understand how to read between the numbers and provide you with insights derived through years of experience and proven methodologies. So if your looking to simply validate a concept or looking for a comprehensive understanding of a market landscape feel free to get in touch and let one of our experienced research professionals walk you through our solutions and methodologies.