Voice of the Retailer

Incorporate the retailer’s perspective early in the process to create more effective shopper marketing programs.

A core component of effective shopper marketing is the relationship between the Retailer and Manufacturers. As Retailers become more discriminating in their choices on partners and product assortment, Manufacturers need to clearly demonstrate a commitment to partnership and mutual growth.

A Manufacturer’s ability to provide relevant and timely information on the shopper, category dynamics, products and trends is critical to establishing this sense of “mutual partnership”. Further, the Manufacturer gains significant value when they are able to better understand the perceptions and insights of their retail partners.

Carbonview is passionate about connecting Manufacturers and Retailers and has developed several unique methodologies to provide detailed, highly nuanced Retailer understanding that can result in actionable insight for Manufacturers. From interactive and collaborative online discussions to in-depth one-on-one interviews, our solutions will be customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives. Below are just a few ideas regarding the information we can provide.

Gain an in-depth retailer perspective

Current Dynamics:

  • Region-specific variance (i.e. urban vs. suburban)
  • Perceptions of current and expected sales
  • Merchandising strategies
  • Strategies for introducing new on-the-go products

Manufacturer Evaluation:

  • Sense of alignment with retailer
  • Communication
  • Promotions / partnerships
  • Best in-class strategies / merchandising ideas
  • Supplier preferences
  • Branded vs. private label products – where is investment going?

Category Perceptions / Realities:

  • Trends in product sales
  • Enthusiasm for category
  • Perceived importance of category
  • Strategies used to increase trial / repurchase
  • Satisfaction with category-specific aisle planning

Future Planning:

  • Process / placement / merchandising decisions
  • Factors considered
  • Role of manufacturers